Creating sites on Tilda/Wix

Website development on Tilda/Wix

Development of WEB-sites

To systematize information about the company and to present its advantages, you need to create a website. In our studio "Necessary People" you can order professional Web services at an affordable price in Ukraine.

What we offer

We offer our customers a variety of types of websites developed on the Tilda/Wix platform. We work with two pricing plans: Tilda/Wix and Tilda/Wix Premium.

We customize the landing page according to the customer's requirements. The main mission - to encourage the customer to take some action: to place an order, subscribe, leave a review, etc. We focus on the merits of the product and its benefits. Site development time - from 2 to 7 days.

Business card
Site-card - the prototype of the usual form, only in the web. The content is as follows:
● contact details;
● symbolism;
● photo;
● presentation of works;
● staff characteristics.
Lead time 3-12 days.

It takes 7-14 days to develop a site-catalogue. We will provide complete data about the company's product or services on a specific topic. The catalog consists of product description, features, photo, media file. We also provide contact information for ordering.

Corporate site
Corporate site contains several pages:
● photo gallery;
● checklist;
● diary;
● online calculator;
● search bar;
● communication platform;
● personnel office for employees and consumers.
The main task - to perform some action by the visitor: to make a phone call, visit the office of the organization.
Lead time 7-16 days.

Integrate CRM, 1C program, payment systems into the online store. With us, you get the opportunity to trade online. The filling is as follows:
● start page;
● product description cards;
● personal account;
● informational articles;
● shopping cart.
Turnaround time 7-30 days, depending on customer requests.

Unique project
Your business does not suit the classic types of sites? We are ready to develop a unique project. Depending on the complexity of the task, time will take from 14 days.

What you will get as a result

As a result you will get the following:
● site structure;
● unique design;
● adaptive version;
● setting up urls;
● customizing forms;
● connecting your domain;
● basic SEO: titles, descriptions, links;
● on the "Premium" tariff, we work with codes.

The Internet helps you grow your business. With our sites, your business will always be competitive.