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"Smm Agency"
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"Digital Agencies"
TOP-1 — Promotion in social networks (SMM)
TOP-1 — Search engine promotion (SEO)
TOP-1 — SEO-audit of sites
TOP-1 — Site "turnkey"
TOP-1 — Internet Marketing
TOP-1 — Corporate identity
TOP-1 — Online stores
TOP-5 — Promotion in social networks (SMM)
TOP-8 — Advertising in social media
TOP-13 — Design of pages in social networks
TOP 13 — Sales and Lead Generation
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in freelancing exchanges!
TOP-1 — Social networks (SMM and SMO)
TOP-3 — Search Engines (SEO)
TOP-8 — Online stores
TOP-19 — Sites "turnkey"
Ranking at the stock exchange
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Customer Reviews
  • Alexey
    Great performers. We continue our cooperation.
    Guys quickly and accurately performed the task before them
  • Elvira Kopilenko
    Super Team, they did 120% of the work, also received a gift in the form of a course on selling through social networks. Thank you for your work, I plan to work further. I wish the team success and more satisfied customers!
  • Anastasia Budko
    I am grateful for the job done. All the work done quickly, accurately and with explanations for "dummies".

Our achievements

Providing services in the field of SMM, SEO, as well as website development and auditing since 2015, the company "Necessary People" has brought hundreds of businesses in the TOP 10. Thanks to our efforts, today they occupy the 1st place in search results. We took on even the most complex projects, putting them on the list of the best companies and making them recognizable.

Our experience

Since the beginning of our work, we have been providing services on promotion and maintenance of social networks, as well as promotion of web-sites for more than 10 years, gaining an impeccable reputation among our clients. Gaining experience in the promotion of online stores, online business cards, blogs, etc., we are constantly improving in various areas of IT-directions, becoming the best in the business.

Achievements of the company "Necessary People" epitomize the success of our team. For example, we became № 1 on such sites as IT Rating Ukraine and freelance.ua, as well as freelance.ru as a Smm, advertising and Digital agency.

Among our clients:
● Heat Plus underfloor heating;
● 3D Gipster panels;
● Online store of children's goods, Spok.ua;
● GiftPlace Gifts;
● Delivery of Japanese cuisine Banzay, etc.

With our help, business on the Internet acquires new colors and opportunities!